About Benjamin Weinberg


Benjamin Weinberg’s Story

My first exposure to the web was when I was about the age of my oldest daughter (4) and I saw the website for Sesame Street on the long-obsolete web browser: Prodigy. There were games to play and mildly interactive books to read. I absolutely loved it, and I still remember it for two very important reasons: It was simple enough for me, a four-year-old, to use and I understood the content. Fast forward 30 years and many more sophisticated role models later, I find myself fascinated by how the web is used but disheartened by how difficult it is to find the best content. This is why I started BACE Digital LLC, to help the right content be delivered to the right people.

Benjamin Weinberg, owner of BACE Digital LLC

Community Involvement

Benjamin Weinberg believes one of the best ways to grow professionally is to partner with other growing entities. The West Orange Chamber of Commerce represents businesses in one of the fastest-growing communities in the United States. He is proud of the opportunity to be part of this growth.

The Purpose of BACE Digital


To deliver products and services that connect people and organizations digitally, in ways that are naturally and intuitively human. 


To be a leader in digital strategy delivery that is accessible, usable and helpful to everybody.


  1. Educate organizations on the importance of a comprehensive digital strategy that is as unique as each organization.
  2. Influence understanding of the value of accessibility and search engine optimization beyond a set of guidelines and requirements to follow.
  3. Drive revenue through services that support the vision and mission.