The Complete Organic Customer Journey


It is important to remember that SEO is much more about the customer journey and engaging your target audience than it is about search engines and sharing platforms. If you appeal to one, you will surely appeal to the other. This diagram outlines the steps of the customer journey and the steps you should take to make sure your content is the best quality for your audience.

Step 1: Sparked Interest

A person has a need or question that needs an answer, it relates to something related to your expertise. This is the driving force into what brings them to the search engine.

Your Job: Know what these questions are, and who is likely to ask.

Step 2: Make Inquiry

Person submits a search inquiry to Google with the goal of getting a good answer. There is a lot of psychological thought in the search terms used. This is why keyword research is so important for the customer journey.

Your Job: Anticipate the specific words somebody might use in the search bar. 

Step 3: Choose a Response

Person looks at the results page with ads and organic listings deciding which listing might have the answer. This judgement is made through the page titles and page descriptions in the listings. This draw is why having inciting titles and page descriptions is important.

Your Job: Create a title and a page description that strongly suggests you may have the answer after they click. 

Step 4: Wait For Answer

Person clicks on the search result and is waiting for the answer to appear for them.

Your Job: Allow the content to load as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Step 5: Decide to Engage

Person gets a first initial glance of the answer, and decides if the answer is going to helpful.

Your Job: Anticipate the best format to display your content on the page to keep the interest burning. Make sure content at top of the page encourages the user to stay and interact. 

Step 6: Information Processing

Person is engaging and learning the answer, subconsciously absorbing the most important points.

Your Job: Regardless of format, content needs to be broken up into consumable pieces that can be visually identifiable, and visual should help a person get the main point, and inspiring them to move to the next one with as little disruption as possible.

Step 7: Decide To Act

Person has the information they wanted. Now they want to do something with this information. Having something to do right there on the page can help them, and help you.

Your Job: Give them something to do. Learn more on the topic, share the information, contact you, etc.

Step 8: Retain Information

Person either remembers and consistently uses information, or begins to forget it.

Your Job: Bring them back and remind them through social media posts, emails, and remarketing techniques.

Complete Organic Customer Journey Infographic

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