Digital Marketing for Nonprofits & Charities

Nonprofit Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can seem overwhelming for nonprofit owners. However, there are ways that nonprofits and charities specifically can benefit from a digital marketing strategy. Nonprofit digital marketing strategies do not need to be costly, nor do they need to be difficult. This can be accomplished with a plan designed around marketing for nonprofits. Let BACE Digital help you with that.

Why Should Nonprofits Use Digital Marketing?

Marketing is important for any industry. This is why it is even more important to strategically use communication channels in the nonprofit and charity sector. Fortunately, there are many ways digital marketing technology supports nonprofits. Here are some of the opportunities digital marketing can provide:

  • Online fundraising platforms
  • Community engagement
  • Emotional messaging opportunities
  • Donation matching possibilities
  • Volunteer recruitment

These are all channels many nonprofits already take advantage of. The major tech companies know this. Henceforth, they have created programs such as Amazon Smile and Facebook Social Good.

Online Fundraising Statistics

Here are the top reasons for nonprofits to do digital marketing. These statistics are from Double the Donation:

  • In 2019, online donations grew by 12.1%.
  • Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers and Millennials all prefer to donate online over other means.
  • These same generations are all highly inspired to donate because of the content they see on social media.
  • Both male and female donors are most likely to donate after being exposed to a digital marketing tactic.
  • Overall online revenue for nonprofits increased by 23% in 2019.

These facts are clear. A digital marketing strategy can greatly benefit a nonprofit organization. The great thing is, there are lots of opportunities available.

Types of Digital Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits

The most important part of digital marketing for nonprofits is your The most important part of digital marketing for nonprofit organizations is your website. Think of this as the digital version of your store or office. Make sure your website is designed and built to be as easy-to-use as possible. All of the following tactics should connect back to your website. With that being said, here are some of the best tactics specifically for NPOs and charities:

  • Use email marketing for catering messaging to men and current donors and customers who have provided information to your CRM.
  • There are many ways to use social media and online fundraising through their platforms. This is a good way to increase donors, while also increasing awareness.
  • Add fundraising pages for specific charitable campaigns on your website. Optimize these pages for search engines and other channels that direct to the page.
  • Start a blog and engage in forums and social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as part of a content marketing strategy.
  • Find somebody who has a lot of followers in your target audience and ask them to mention your nonprofit on their own channels. This is known as influencer marketing.
  • video marketing strategy is effective for emotional messaging. The videos do not need to be expensive to make, you can shoot them from your phone and edit on YouTube.
  • Google Ads gives grants to nonprofits to use toward pay-per click marketing tactics. These types of ads are also available on most social networks.
  • Sometimes people need a little extra boost to make their donations. This is why remarketing campaign strategies are useful.

These can all be part of your strategy, but the most important These can all be part of your strategy, but the most important consideration is your target audience. This is why a digital marketing plan would be useful.

Digital Marketing Plans for Nonprofits

There is no, one-size-fits-all nonprofit marketing strategy. This is why a custom plan is important. Consider BACE Digital as your digital marketing consultant for your nonprofit. I can help you complete your digital marketing checklist with my services. I want to help. So much that I partnered with and support Cummings Collaborative LLC, a consultancy firm supporting nonprofits and small businesses, to provide guidance in growth and other matters.

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