Website Planning, Recovery & Growth

Getting Started Solutions

Building a website is easy. However, building a website that that builds your brand, drives a lot of traffic, and sees monumental sales online is not easy at all. This requires a focused website plan .

This is why you need a web consultant who has built successful websites before on multiple platforms. BACE Digital has your back.

Web Consulting Services with BACE Digital

BACE Digital’s lead consultant, Benjamin Weinberg, will help you with website planning and develop a thorough website strategy that meets your needs.

I Will Help You Build A Website That Gets Traffic

The best time to plan for traffic is before you even create your homepage. It is the best opportunity to develop content strategies and growth strategies while avoiding other potential problems.

From domain registration to marketing, BACE Digital will get your website up and moving in the right direction from the start.

Back-end of planned website

Increase Revenue Through the Website

Do you have a product to sell online? Do you want to sell directly rather than through websites like Amazon or Etsy that take a portion of your sales? I can develop lead generation strategies for your business that will get customers buying directly from you.

Sell products through website.

An Experience As Good Online as it Is In Your Store or Office

The easier it is to make a purchase on your website, the more often it will happen. BACE Digital’s web design consultant can smooth out not just the experience for your customers, but search engine’s as well so you can provide a seamless experience from the search engine to the order confirmation.

Provide a seamless online experience from the start.

Get Started With BACE Digital

If you are starting a major project online, request a quote to get started. I will set up a 30 minute initial consultation to discuss your business, your needs, and how a process for strategy can get your website moving in the right direction.

After this consultation, I will work on a plan for your brand’s individual strategy to get your project launched, and for it’s continual growth.

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