3 Reasons to Hire a Freelance SEO

Getting Started

It is possible you found this page because you are starting a new website and you searched “Orlando SEO agencies” or “SEO services near me” in Google. There are for obvious reasons for doing this. You have a business in the Orlando area, that could benefit from SEO experts who can rank you high in search engines. Have you given any thought to hiring a freelancer for your SEO services?

This may be surprising, but business leaders may actually get more return on investment by hiring a freelancer or independent contractor for this type of work. Here are three reasons why you should consider freelancers for SEO.

#1 Freelance SEOs Know the Nuances of Specific Businesses

Successful freelancers tend to thrive off of a niche market, meaning there is one specific need that they know the best solutions to and know they can perform with repeated positive results. This can be the result of a freelancer’s work history, deep knowledge of a specific tool, or relationships with people in individual communities. When it comes to SEOs especially, it is good to partner with somebody who not only knows how to build a strategy around solving your needs but it knows your target customer as well as you do.

For example, my primary niche is the planning and execution of online strategies for businesses in the healthcare industry. I have a secondary niche with businesses in the Orlando and Central Florida region. I can certainly do this work for businesses outside of these niches as well but this is where I have seen some the most success. More than one healthcare client I have consulted for has told me my work history and familiarity with the industry played a huge impact on why they chose to work with me.

Benjamin Weinberg is intimately familiar with healthcare.
My work has included scrubs and a hospital operating room

#2 Freelance SEOs Have Multiple Skill Sets

As a freelancer, I have become familiar with a level of unpredictability with the type of work I will be doing. This is often because business owners do not fully understand the nature of what they want to accomplish, nor do they know the extent of what search engine optimization is. Fortunately for these businesses, real SEO experts know their work involves a lot of front-end development and UX design knowledge.

Familiarity With Other Aspects of Website Management

Good freelancers see outside of their individually labeled specialty. As business owners themselves they are responsible for all aspects of their own marketing. This means that they are forced to learn how to build a website, how to maintain a social media presence, and how to build relationships. For SEOs, it is an important skill but not enough to be successful by itself, but this is positive for both freelancers, and the client.

Freelance SEOs are knowledgeable of many website management disciplines

Between my work on Upwork and through my freelancing business, I have become familiar with the thought process a client goes through when it comes to websites. A business owner will be looking for an expert who knows SEO for an existing website or is familiar with WordPress who can build their website. Turning to an agency is one way to go but what is often seen is an agency will offer both of those as if they are separate services.

The truth is, they are marketed that way because the SEOs and front-end developers doing the work have rarely needed to deeply engage in the other’s world. In the past, I have been involved in rather heated discussions about their different methodologies. For example, I’ve explained to developers why a very beautifully designed website banner needs to be modified because it forces an inappropriate heading type, and another time alt-text on images and due diligence should be taken to make sure they are optimized for search engines and accessibility.

Freelancers Collaborate With Other Freelancers

There are certainly times when a freelancer may need a little help. They are only one person after all, but they are not entirely alone. Freelancers thrive on relationships with each other and a part of the gig economy is building a network of individuals of varying skill sets. This is good for businesses in need because while the individual you found may not be able to help you, there is a good chance they have somebody highly-recommendable who can. 

#3 Freelancers Are More Relatable Than Agencies

The hourly rate for seasoned freelancers may be daunting and can make a business owner believe it would be a wiser investment to hire an agency. But even agencies do not give all of the work to the top experts under their employment. Like your own business, agencies must divide and delegate their work based on who can provide the most value for the immediate need. This means two things:

  1. Some or all of the work you want done, is not actually done by an experienced SEO
  2. You may be paying an entire agency for work that can be done by one person

Businesses do not always need an SEO expert with decades of experience to rank well in search engines. Sometimes your need is quite simple and does not demand the level of commitment an SEO agency demands. This is a very good reason to find an individual freelancer you can build a relationship with and grow your business together. This leads to much more affordable SEO services at a time when a business is just blooming. 

Freelancers and clients can support  each other to achieving success

Freelancers are business owners in reality. They could very well be in a similar situation as yourself if you run a startup business. This means that they will want your business to be successful. The success of a client can lead to more work for the freelancer, referrals and a stronger reputation. Sound familiar? This is why freelancers are a wise choice. They can relate to running every aspect of your business by yourself. They also understand relying on external resources to fill some of these needs. An agency does not have these needs to fill.

This article makes a pretty strong case for freelancers, not just for SEO but for all skill sets in the gig economy.  I hope you will consider this when you are looking for your next vendor.

Benjamin Weinberg is a freelance SEO, digital marketer and front-end developer for websites. He runs BACE Digital LLC to help businesses in the Orlando metro area and the healthcare industry enhance their online presence.