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There are many challenges specific to physician digital marketing. This is especially true online where marketing a physician practice is intensely competitive. If you are a doctor or are in charge of marketing a medical practice. I have deep experience in physician marketing and there may be something I can do to help you.

The Importance of Marketing Yourself

It can be difficult to understand the value of physician marketing online. However, regardless of whether you are referred to by word-of-mouth, or through your insurance company, you are being searched for online. More importantly, the conditions you treat are being searched online as well. However, an article written for JAMA Internal Medicine has revealed physicians diagnose conditions more accurately 84.3% of the time. As a physician, you want to be the doctor who diagnoses and treats these patients. This is the value of physician marketing. And this is why digital marketing plans for physicians’ offices are important. This is where an effective digital strategy from BACE Digital can help.

Digital Marketing for Doctors & Medical Practices

As the Millennial generation gets older and more prominent, your digital marketing plan becomes more and more important. More are becoming responsible for the healthcare of themselves and loved ones. As a result, they are going online and using the tools they are most comfortable with. Think of your website, social media, Google listings, etc. as an extension of your own practice. This is where physician marketing ideas can come to life and allow your practice to gain and maintain a hold of the next generation of primary caregivers by the time they reach this age.

According to a study by AHREFs, a very reputable digital marketing company, it can take up to 3 years for a website to be listed in the top 10 results for Google. This is why it is important to start considering digital marketing strategies for your physician practices now. Google offers many opportunities to be visible to this audience. Digital marketing should be among the long term marketing strategies for doctors for this reason.

Here are possible components of a marketing plan for physician practices:

  • Social Media Engagement – Think of social media as the digital version of “word-of-mouth” marketing. Social media marketing for doctors can build reputations. Additionally, they can result in referrals for your practice. 
  • Blogging – Patients are Googling their symptoms and expecting the best answers. So why not make sure that the answer is coming from you. This way you know readers are getting the right information. 
  • Writing Guest Posts on Reputable Medical Websites – Guest posts on a local relevant publication, or somewhere online that is important for your highest volume of patients creates awareness of yourself and your practice. Additionally, it builds you up as an authority on your expertise.
  • Building or Enhancing Your Website – Efficiency and reviews are two of the most common complaints among patients in general. This is why the patient experience should include an easy-to-use website. For example, making an appointment on your medical practice website should be as easy as making an appointment on the phone or in person. This will also improve visibility in Google search results.
  • Digital ads – Google, Facebook, and other digital platforms are highly efficient at putting ads in front of specific audiences. For example, a Urologist will most likely want to target men in their early 40s. Digital ads can be placed in front of this demographic online.
  • Physician Reviews Management – Although reputation is truly built-in the physician office, many do depend on physician reviews online. This is why you should consider managing your reviews on directories like Healthgrades and Vitals as a part of your digital marketing strategy.

Physician Marketing Services Offered 

BACE Digital will help you with marketing your physician practice. The tactics discussed above are just a portion of your digital marketing strategy. Learn more about digital consulting at BACE Digital and let me know how I can help you with marketing your physician practice.

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