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If you are looking for professional SEO consulting services in Orlando, I am a great choice as you will see. I even offer SEO coaching as a part of my services. I use white hat SEO techniques and am experienced in technical, local and content SEO. I look forward to speaking with you.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of ongoing analysis, testing, and updating of web content in order to increase the likelihood of appearing in search results. This is a very important process for any organization attempting a presence online. Trillions of searches are conducted per year and every one of those searches has a specific intent from the person behind it. Search engines like Google analyze the intent of these searches to offer the most probable best result to the user. This analysis is based on past data and machine-learning capabilities. SEO services are also part of the foundation for a good digital strategy.

Therefore, I use tools and study data daily in the hope that SEO consulting services will help your business. As a result of my work, your brand will be seen by the right people, at the right time.

SEO Consulting Services & Deliverables

I offer SEO services for small businesses and large businesses alike. My strategies are custom to the needs and budgets of your business. Not all groups are alike, therefore I leverage not just the biggest but the wisest opportunities.

Search engine optimization is a constantly evolving marketing strategy. Nearly 91% of pages on the World Wide Web are invisible and never get noticed. Therefore, it is necessary for organizations to invest in SEO in order to compete. Many digital strategies have evolved to include many types of SEO. However, there is always a goal of matching the search intent with the most relevant information.

I always begin with a thorough SEO audit. In order to identify the best opportunities, I must perform a competitive analysis of the technical health, the content quality and the user experience on a website or page.

These are the SEO consulting services I offer that can be included in your strategy:

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is what typically comes to mind for increasing organic traffic. In other words, it is the creation and strategic use of content to optimize a website for search. There are three intertwining on-page SEO techniques: content creation, keyword research, and metadata.

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Content Creation

Unique and relevant content must be created to increase visibility in search engine result pages (SERP). This is the goal of content marketing, and why blogs are such an important industry. 77% of internet users read blogs because the content can be relevant to specific audiences. Considerations for content formats that can impact SEO include the following.

  • Blogs
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Social media
  • Infographics

Keyword Research & Analysis

Keyword research and analysis is necessary to understand an audience. Part of the work is learning what specific search queries are used the most. With this in mind, the most relevant keywords can be used in content. Additionally, keywords shed light on more opportunities for exposure.


Metadata is a very important content consideration despite not being literally “on-page”. This includes the title, sub-title and description, which appear in the search engine listings (and a few other places). Metadata also includes schema information, which is helpful for specific types of searches like recipes or books. Furthermore, metadata defines categorization of content through meta tags. This helps search engines understand the page’s intent with the purpose of matching the intent of the visitor.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO revolves around online reputation management. Wherever somebody is discussing content relevant to a business is an opportunity for traffic. This includes tactics including shares on social media, reaching out to high-authority websites to link to your site, or including a URL in a printed advertisement.

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Link Building

The links that go to a website, in other words, backlinks, require network skills and furthermore demonstrate to search engines and a visitor that you are trustworthy. High quality content is more frequently shared with your target customers. As a result, these customers will trust your content as well.

Domain & Page Authority

John Mueller, Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google has stated they have no formal method for identifying a domain’s authority. Despite this, there is a lot of value in becoming an authoritative source of information. Having a high domain authority score is a valuable goal. Under these circumstances, content creators are encouraged to produce the highest quality content.

Technical SEO

There are important technical factors in the hosting of a domain that can impact page ranking. Technical issues on a website can break the user experience and search engines pick up on this. As a result, technical SEO are very important. Routine technical SEO audits can give insight into the health of a website. Is all the content easily accessible? Is the domain secure? Does the page load okay? What might be slowing the site down? Given these points, there is a lot of value on a healthy website for SEO.

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When a search engine updates its index, it performs a crawl. In other words, a bot reads through every page on a website as if it were human. In doing so, the bot can use it’s programmed algorithm to determine page ranking during an index. This is why clean content structure and working links are very important.

Page Speed Optimization

A page that looks attractive is nice but they can be bogged down by scripts and files that slow down its ability to load. The human attention span is decreasing. Consequently, capturing the reader’s attention quickly is very important. With this in mind, I run page speed tests using Google’s Page Speed Insights tool to test load times. As a result, I follow best practices to decrease the load.

Overall Technical Quality

There are other technical factors that impact user experience and SEO. A good technical website audit report will include information like mobile-responsiveness and security level. This information is important when reviewing the content on a website.

Local SEO

A simple way to be competitive is to focus on attracting customers near you is by using local SEO in your strategy. People specifically prefer to do business locally. With this in mind, I might recommend tools and techniques to target customers looking for help “near me”. Using local SEO services, I will help your business be seen at the right time and place. You do not need to be located in Orlando to benefit from these services either.

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Google My Business

If you have a single location or hundreds, your business can stand out in the crowd using Google My Business. This tool is becoming more important in search engine marketing. Additionally, individual locations the credit they may deserve through online reviews.

Localized Landing Pages

Not every location in a business is the same. Therefore, it is important to consider the localized content on a website’s landing page. With this in mind, I will recommend a strategy to create a user experience individual to each location. These landing pages can also be incorporated with email marketing and social media marketing efforts.

Indirect SEO Factors

There are many other aspects of a search engine optimization strategy that may not have a direct impact on ranking, but can certainly help. I may recommend this as an additional contributor to your website’s success as part of your complete internet marketing strategy.

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Social Media Marketing

Marketing on social media includes paid and organic posts on channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. This is where your target audience can engage with your brand. A strong social media strategy that includes links to your website and the ability to share can increase traffic and SEO authority for your domain.


Paid advertising, also known as pay-per-click advertising, is a good way to promote the most valuable pages on your website. Most major channels can place paid ads directly in front of your target audience. Promoting interesting and engaging content that keeps visitors on the page can influence your search engine ranking.

Email Marketing

You can keep visitors returning to your website by including email as a part of your strategy. Email is valuable in SEO for two reasons: first, it keeps your customer engaged with your website by frequently inviting them to return, and two, it is a simple way to promote your valuable content to your engaged customers.

Search Engine Optimization FAQs

How Does SEO Work?

SEO is very complex in how it actually works, as there are over 200 factors to consider in the process, but very few know all of them. However, search engine optimization works by taking actions to score well on these objective factors. The simplest way to look at it is to have the best possible information in response to a specific user’s search query.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Unfortunately, the answer you will receive from any good SEO expert is “it depends”. However, this is not to frustrate you. What SEO consulting services cost depends on is what you are actually hoping to accomplish with your SEO and complete internet marketing strategy.

Do the built-in functions in website builders like Squarespace and WIX work?

What website builders like Squarespace and WIX offer in simplicity, they lack in offering tools for a true SEO strategy that definitively works. The capabilities are there, but knowing what to do with them is a bit more abstract. They also do not cover the full spectrum of SEO opportunities that need to be considered. If you are in a competitive industry, I recommend an SEO consultant.

Is SEO relevant today?

Yes, Absolutely. Although the specifics of SEO practices has certainly changed from what it once was, I believe it has become better even more important. The changes that have occurred recently through Google updates like EAT and BERT still focus on offering the best quality content to match the search query.

What is SEO’s role in Digital Marketing?

SEO both benefits and is benefited by digital marketing strategies. Knowing what people are searching for and the needs of the customer, deliver opportunities for social media engagement, content marketing, and digital advertising.

Additionally, the information and data gathered from digital marketing efforts can deliver valuable information about who your most valuable customers are, so you can tailor your organic content towards those audiences. this helps qualify your leads online better.

My SEO Consulting Process

SEO is not a “set it and leave it” service if done right. Additionally, this will not provide instant results. My process for optimizing websites for search engines starts with a discussion of your business. I will use this information throughout the whole process, with the intention of keeping your goals and brand are at the forefront of the strategy. If your business is local to the Orlando area, I would be happy to come to your business and have this discussion in-person.

When the first cycle of this process is complete, your website should have a strong technical foundation, a good customer experience, and content that will drive business. For this reason, I recommend this process be ongoing.

Discussion Of Your Business

First I need to learn some information about your business, your annual goals, and your target customers in order to design a solid strategy. With this in mind, I can make sure every step of the process aligns with your business.

Thorough SEO Audit & Report

I will perform an audit of your website to identify areas of improvement. As a result, a report can be built and discussed with you.

Give the website a complete bill of health

Next, I will make sure your website is functioning as smoothly as possible so content can take top priority moving forward. This includes adjustments to page speed, accessibility issues and more.

Prioritize, research, and outline content

Lastly, I will research and create content surrounding topics and keywords that respond to the needs of your audience. By doing so, your website will have more relevant content, and increase your authority.

Monitor data and continuously optimize

Professional SEO consulting services demand constant review and improvement. With this in mind, I will keep a continual eye on the website traffic, in order to stay competitive in the long term.

Increase Your Web Traffic With a True SEO Expert

Search engine optimization (SEO) consulting services are very important for a complete marketing strategy. It is no longer just about being found in search engines, but about the complete online experience every time somebody opens their browser. SEO must be considered as a part of your website’s design, development, content marketing strategy, and social media engagement. This is why you need an SEO consultant who not only understands the ins-and-outs of digital marketing but will also collaborate with your entire team. Whether you are located outside of Florida or are looking for professional SEO consulting services around Orlando, I would love to help you.

I Am Knowledgable

I have been a part of every aspect of establishing a brand online. I have seen the role SEO plays from the conceptualization of a brand to creating engaged brand evangelists. This is why I am a knowledgable resource. You can expect more than the bare minimum. You can expect to see an increase in traffic and more qualified leads.

I Am Trustworthy

My methods include ethical and proven SEO best practices for increasing relevant traffic for your website and build your business reputation. I want to be your partner in success, not your short-term solution. SEO does not work that way anyway. Which is also why I will not resort to black hat SEO tactics that can hurt your business.

I Am Reliable

It is not my practice to leave my clients hanging once the bulk of the work is complete. I want to make sure you are happy with our relationship. I thrive on transparent communication. The fact is, you know your business better than me, so I need to engage with you to make sure I am providing the best SEO consulting services possible for your organization.

I Deliver Results

I believe in my value. However, trust begins with the data. This is why I am excited to display some case studies that represent my SEO standards and the results I deliver.

Content Quality

This is a case study of one of my clients who launched a new website in July 2019. I was hired as a contractor to help the Orlando-based SEO team establish this new domain and grow several others. The website grew in organic traffic very quickly. I optimized the content for over 140 new pages during my contract.

I provided SEO consulting services to Advanced Recovery Systems and increased their ranking keywords by 46%.

Technical Quality

These are scores taken from my own website (top) and a competing SEO consultancy (bottom) from Google Lighthouse, a technical auditing tool. Theses scores display major differences in the technical backing behind websites that can influence SEO.

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