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Do you hear that you need to sell online, but nobody seems to be buying from your website? Do people get lost on your website? Is you your website just not that easy to use? What you need is a review of your website’s usability, and potentially an update to your user experience, also referred to as UX.

This type of web optimization takes the quality you deliver in-person and in your store and brings it to your website. This could include a process of usability testing and technical SEO changes, all of which BACE Digital provides.

User Experience Services with BACE Digital

Because UX is essential to a good quality website and search engine optimization, it is an important part of the following provided services.

Make Your Website Usable By Everybody

I am going to introduce two terms to you, responsiveness and accessibility. These terms originated independently from each other but are similar in one key way. They both describe how a website or app is useable in similar ways by anybody, regardless of the device, brand, operating system or browser.

One of the biggest problems a website can have is poor usability. This is also one of the key reasons why someone might leave a website without doing anything, and also why search engines may not find your content.

Part of my process is creating a user-centered design. I also will audit and update your website for accessibility issues, to ensure your website is available and usable on all devices, and usable by everybody in your target market.

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Make Your Website Appeal to Search Engines

The other largest problem is organic traffic from search engines. This has a lot more to do with the user experience than you may think. There are many on-page and technical SEO fixes that can solve a lot of these problems. The way your website is structured, the flow of your navigation, the loading time of pages, it is all important, and worth optimizing. Let me help you with that.

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Get Started With BACE Digital

If you are interested in optimizing your online user experience strategy, request a quote to get started. I will set up a 30 minute initial consultation to discuss your business, your needs, and how a process for content strategy can get your website moving in the right direction.

After this consultation, I will work on a plan for your brand’s individual content strategy process.

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